6 March 2020 | Ferrara, Italy
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6 March 2020
Ferrara, Italy

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One day of 1:1 meetings to match the supply and demand for technology and business, develop and discuss new ideas, start partnerships and build your network.

6 March 2020 | from 12:00 to 18:00

B2Blue - Business to Blue is a brokerage event focussing on the blue economy and aiming to encourage new business and technological partnerships between companies, clusters, research centres, agencies and universities. B2Blue takes place in the framework of Sealogy® and is organised by ART-ER together with the partners of the Enterprise Europe Network's SIMPLER Consortium. B2Blue is one of the matchmaking events promoted by MISTRAL, an Interreg MED programme, aiming to strengthen international cooperation within the blue growth ecosystem and to increase the networking capabilities of innovation actors in the Med area.


B2Blue will explore technological and business solutions that respond to the Mediterranean blue economy drivers identified in MISTRAL’s “Blue Growth Book”, a report on well-established and emerging sectors relevant to the blue economy in terms of innovation capacity and potential of future investment. 

Marine renewable energy

    • Tidal Energy and Wave Energy
    • Floating Offshore Wind Energy

    Maritime surveillance

    • Integrated and interoperable maritime situational awareness platforms and services
    • Interactive and Dynamic Atlas of Maritime Risk Maps
    • Operative system for Search and Rescue Planning
    • Development of Intelligent Vessels Monitoring Systems
    • Specialized Social Networking Services for Maritime Crisis Management

    Fishing and Aquaculture

    • Small Scale Fisheries (SSF)
    • Marine Aquaculture (MA)
    • Seafood processing

    Blue Biotechnologies

    • Micro and macro algae farming and exploitation
    • Microbes and enzymes exploitation
    • Valorization of fisheries and aquaculture by-products and waste

    Coastal and Maritime Tourism

    • Big data, digitalisation and ICT services for active living in coastal area
    • Smart management of the coastal infrastructure and extreme events
    • Sustainable leisure boating
    • Integrated and sustainable tourism

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